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The Horus Egyptology Society was formed in September 2001 and our patron is Professor Joann Fletcher, a very eminent Egyptologist who you may have seen on television.

We currently have around 140 members and we usually meet on the last Thursday of alternate months in the Springfield Lounge at the DW Stadium (formerly JJB Stadium) in Wigan.  We start the evening with a meal at around 7.15 pm, followed by a talk, which lasts about an hour, and the bar stays open afterwards for anyone who wants to stay and chat.

Annual membership is  £17.00 for adults and £10.00 for under 18’s. In addition there is a meeting charge of £16.00 for adults and £10.00 for under 18’s which covers the cost of the meal and the speaker. Meeting charge for visitors is £17 for their first meeting. Subsequent visits will be £20 if still non-members..

As the meals have to be booked in advance we must insist that members book their meal at least one week beforehand, and once booked, meals must be paid for by the member, even if they are unable to attend.

Members receive a Newsletter approximately 10 days before each meeting, which serves as a reminder. It also informs you what meal has been booked and you may order a vegetarian alternative if you prefer (BUT THIS MUST BE DONE AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE THE MEETING).

For further information please visit our contacts page for the various ways to get in touch or Click here to download a membership application form.

Membership renewal fees are payable from 1st September annually.